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Measuring Productivity in Software Developers. A New Perspective.

Measuring productivity in software developers requires focusing on quality, business impact, and long-term value rather than traditional metrics.

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From Career Change to Startup Founder. My Journey into the World of Coding

From struggling to learn code on my own to launching my own AI-powered startup, here's my journey into the world of software engineering.

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An Introduction to TypeScript - Understanding Basic Data Types

Explore TypeScript's data types through step-by-step examples for a solid understanding.

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Using useState with TypeScript — Efficient State Management in React

Learn how to use useState with TypeScript for efficient state management in React, ensuring type safety and better code reliability.

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Start Building with NodeJS and TypeScript — A Step-by-Step Starter Guide

A simple and straightforward starting point for building a Node.js application using TypeScript

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Building a REST API with Node.js and Express

This guide provides a step-by-step process for building a REST API using Node.js and Express, including connecting to a database, handling authentication and authorization, and handling errors. It serves as a useful starting point for anyone looking to create their own API.

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Using React Query for Fetching and Caching Data and State Management

React Query is a powerful library that simplifies data and state management in React applications. It provides easy-to-use hooks for fetching and caching data, handling errors, and keeping the UI in sync with the data.

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Using Tailwind CSS on Nextjs

Next JS is an open-source framework based on React JS owned by Vercel. On this post, we will see how we can use Tailwind CSS on Next JS.

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Nextjs 13 - What's New and How to Get Started

Vercel just released a new version called Next.js 13 with more developer-friendly features than ever. Next.js is a framework that allows you to build server-side applications using React JS.

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